Red Vermouth magnum (150 cl)

A perfect blend of two wines each aged individually in the traditional, authentic Jerez “Solera y Criaderas” system: an Amontillado, dry and nutty, with character, and a Pedro Ximénez, sweet, intense and velvety. With this base, and a careful selection of 10 botanicals infused separately, Vermut Rojo Lustau achieves a perfect balance, where the high quality of its wines takes the lead. Its exceptional quality is widely recognized, its distinctive, flavorful, and slightly sweet character marks the difference.

Bottle size: 150 cl

  • Jerez
  • Sweet
  • 15 % Alcohol
  • 10Years
  • Palomino and Pedro Ximènez
  • Botella150 cl.

28,10 inc. VAT