Lustau Cream VORS
Palomino y Pedro Ximénez

Cream VORS

Each wine (Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez) is matured, separately in its own solera for more than 30 years. Once blended together, the resulting sherry is returned to an exclusive1cask solera for a further 3 years ageing.

Old gold colour with coppery hues. This wine has a pronounced and complex nose, with aromas of nougat, orange peel, roasted coffee beans, dried apricots and plums. Smooth and rich in the beginning, intense and mouth-filling with reminiscent of old brandy on the palate, due to its great concentration.

This wine has been bottled without any kind of treatment, having been drawn straight from the barrel. It may show some cloudiness or sediment, which is quite natural, and in no way detrimental to your enjoyment of this outstanding wine.


20 %





This wine has its origins in the searching and blending process that Sergio Martínez, Cellar Master of Lustau, made in our oldest solera casks.