125 Aniversario Amontillado Solera del Castillo
100% Palomino

125 Amontillado Solera del Castillo

The coastal town of El Puerto de Santa María enjoys mild weather all the year round. This has a crucial influence on wines aged therein. Aged in the cellars of the Castle of San Marcos, where its temperature and humidity conditions intensifies the oxidative aging. The 20 casks inverted solera of Amontillado del Castillo has been untouched for 17 years, until now.

Intense and vigorous, extremely complex and full of nuances. Aromas of furniture polish, varnish and noble woods over a background of wafer biscuit, dried fruits and sweet spices. On the palate it’s sharp, dry, very saline, pungent, with plenty of iodine notes. A smoky and toasted finish, reminiscent of dried apricots and nougat.


21.5 %





Boundless, untamed and raw. A wine that only El Puerto de Santa María can offer.