100% Palomino

125 Manzanilla Pasada

Sanlúcar is located between the estuary of the Guadalquivir river and the Atlantic ocean. Its microclimate impregnates the “flor” yeast at the surface with a touch of distinctive salinity. These 4 bocoyes are stored at “Mergelina”, the most humid, cool and airy cellar of the winery, allowing a further and longer yeast development without any young manzanilla addition.

Aromas of green hay, star anise and baked apples, with dry yellow flowers on the background, and reminiscences of honey and honeycomb. Surprisingly creamy and unctuous, a result of its extra aging. A mature, evocative and irresistible manzanilla pasada.


16 %




bone dry

A never seen version of one of our most recognized wines, that will take the consumer on a trip to the heart of Sanlúcar.